online-backup"90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the disaster."

Disaster Recovery Services & IT Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

DRS provide disaster recovery products and services for the SME market.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions Ltd. (DRS) specialise in Business Continuity services to the SME market. Using 'best of breed' products and services, we are able to provide access to Data, Voice and Space in the event of a disruption to your normal business operations.


Online Data Backup & Recovery Services
Emergency Workspace Provision
Temporary and Disaster Recovery Workspace
Emergency Telephone Diversion and other Communications Services
Emergency Telephone Diversion and Services

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IT Disaster Recovery

Online File Backup Solutions

We can provide Online Backup Solutions with fully automated, encrypted and extremely secure Online Backup Services for electronic data. Your backup file recovery services data is encrypted prior to transmitting to a secure offsite backup vault withiin a Class A data centre, it remains so until you decide to retrieve it using your unique access code.

Our secure Online Backup Solution also allows you a high degree of flexibility, quickly and easily allowing you to recover an unintentionally deleted file or even view and reinstate a previous saved version of it, all incorporated in our backup recovery service.

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Solutions Voice provides telephony solutions that ‘host’ your telephone numbers at network level. In the event of a disturbance to your business, all inward bound voice and data calls can be redirected within one hour of invocation to an alternate location, in the majority of cases this is done straight away.

Whether you would like to reduce your call costs by utilising your existing telephone equipment, deal with rising call volumes, or upgrade your whole telephony infrastructure, Disaster Recovery Solutions have a variety of Voice solutions that can provide a disaster recovery call re-routing service which is cost effective and hassle free.

Data Recovery Server

Disaster Recovery Solutions Server DR is an exclusive answer for clients that suffer from a localised disaster in their communications or server room due to fire, flood, security, virus attack, or a discontinuous fault that causes the existing equipment to be unfit for standard use.

We can provide a free pre-planning discussion to decide how many business critical servers would require to be made accessible following a disaster. If a localised incident caused an existing server and network devices to be unavailable, Server DR is invoked. Server DR is deployed at your office or workplace recovery centre and with our technical resources we will make sure the installation is fast. Your IT infrastructure continues to function and this allows the equipment to be repaired or replaced offline.

Workplace Recovery Services

In concurrence with Disaster Recovery Solutions Online Backup services and Voice solutions, key staff that are part of the “crisis team” can be sent to an alternate place of work within four hours.

Upon their arrival they will be given security passes to access to the workplace recovery service provisional home and shown to the fully equipped office. From there they can log on to their server and access their email and other critical data right away. If there are incoming calls, these will be answered by reception and directed to the suitable person or department. All you have to to do is give attention to running your business and we will do the rest for you.