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Business Continuity Plan

UK Business Continuity Services enable businesses to carry on trading even after disasters have occurred, without undue disruption and the longevity of businesses can be assured if adequate care and attention has been devoted to business continuity planning. Manchester’s businesses were for the most part on top of this and those businesses who had not taken time to think about this issue certainly started to plan for how they would cope with any problems.

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In essence that is at the heart of business continuity planning. Manchester is not alone in being vulnerable, all parts of the UK are, but businesses may neglect to plan adequately, simply thinking that it will ‘never happen to them’: but sadly it can do and often does.


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Business Continuity Planning

UK Business Continuity Services

When thinking about business continuity, Manchester’s businesses need to think long term as well. Many businesses can carry on trading immediately after data has been lost or stolen or equipment stolen or damaged and so on, but it may be unfeasible to carry on trading. So businesses need to think about the long term viability and feasibility of how they would trade, rather than simply think that if they survive for the first month after some kind of incident, then they will be ok.

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The implications of disasters and even data problems can be felt for up to two years after the incident.... That is why businesses that think strategically, attach such significance to business continuity planning. Manchester certainly was not alone in suffering at the hands of rioters and indeed many cities were lucky to have escaped so lightly. But imagine being a business in Manchester or Soho in London where there was no business continuity plan. That is a scary prospect.

Business Continuity Plan Manchester

UK Business Continuity Services often boast that very often they are unnecessary. This is simply because many businesses do not experience any significant problems in terms of lost data or having premises flooded, equipment stolen etc. But the real issue here is what happens when all data is lost or premises are flooded, all equipment is ruined etc? At this point is there a business continuity plan that can be implemented in a matter of minutes? Or is it a case of running round praying for a miracle? At this point the business continuity plan doesn’t just become useful. It becomes the most useful thing that your business has probably ever done. So don’t leave it to chance. Instead address the issue today and have complete peace of mind.

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One of the cities, other than London that was hit by rioting and civil disturbance was Manchester. Many of the businesses and retailers that were hit by rioters were not huge international companies, but rather small and independent businesses, simply trying to make ends meet in these difficult economic times. So for the small independent businesses the riots were especially bad news. But fortunately lessons had already been learnt in terms of business continuity planning: Manchester could have ground to a halt if business continuity planning had not been so robust.