"90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the disaster.
Disaster Recovery For Corporates

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Greater London Disaster Recovery Services

Middlesex Disaster Recovery Solutions: Emergency Office Space

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Traditional solutions have usually only been within the reach of large organisations, due to the high cost of having this facility. Through agreements with one of the largest flexible office providers in the UK, DRS have conveniently located and designated office suites available for workplace recovery for SME’s.

Buckinghamshire Disaster Recovery Solutions

If a Buckingham or Milton Keynes company experiences a disaster and are unable to continue business at their normal workplace, it can call on our Buckinghamshire disaster recovery service call centre to invoke their disaster recovery plan.

Hertfordshire Disaster Recovery Services

The IT support team will be contacted and the virtual servers will be initialised, whether you are located in Kent, Surrey or Hertfordshire. Data recovery is started and e-mail MX records re-pointed to new server. The Business Centre (BC) would be contacted, security passes created, reception informed and the office suite prepared. The call centre would contact your company to confirm successful invocation, and assist where necessary with transport to the business disaster recovery temporary offices most convinient for you.

UK Business Continuity Planning for Alternative Office Accommodation

In conjunction with our other solutions, key staff can be located to an alternate workplace normally within 4 hours of invocation. On arrival they will be given security passes and shown to their fully equipped office suite. There they will be able to log on to their server and have access to their email and critical data instantly.

Secure Online Backup Birmingham Midlands

Any incoming calls to the temporary place of work will be answered by reception and forwarded to the appropriate person/department. All you need to do is concentrate on running your business and we’ll do the rest!

Our system can cope whether you are in London, Scotland, Wales, or the Midlands.