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Online Backup

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Online Backup Solutions

What are DRS' Online Backup Solutions?

Increasingly the cogs of business are turned by our online computer systems, online backup solutions andfile recovery services are sometimes needed to fix any faults that do come up. Like most other businesses, your company is totally reliant on being able to access the information held on servers. Not only are we more dependant on these online backup solutions but we use them for an increasing number of business functions; email, customer databases, accounts, websites and document storage to name but a few.

Which UK Online Backup Recovery Services?

DRS Online Backup Solutions  provides a fully automated, encrypted and highly secure Online Backup Services for electronic data. Your backup file recovery services data is encrypted before it is transmitted offsite to our secure backup vaults in our Class A data centre, and remains so until you choose to retrieve it using your unique access code.

Our secure Online Backup Solution also allows you a high degree of flexibility, quickly and easily allowing you to retrieve an accidentally deleted file or even view and restore a previous saved version of it, all included in our backup recovery service.

However, primarily the online backup system allows straightforward and quick online service for your entire system if it should become necessary.

Why do I need an Online Backup Solution?

With many businesses increasing their external internet access and use of email, they come under increasing threats from viruses and security hacks, it is of high importance that any threat can be fixed due to backup recovery services being in place

More often businesses experience corrupted or accidentally deleted files that incur expensive and inconvenient support call-outs. An effective data backup solution is the most positive step that can be taken to manage such situations.

Whilst a formal backup recovery service policy is critical, it can be a labour intensive and sometimes unreliable process, when tapes are regularly handled and stored remotely.

Our Online Backup Solutions

Designed for business managers and offices with limited access to IT expertise

Cost effective
DRS Online Backup replaces the incoherent and expensive chain of labour backup processes, and backup recovery with an 'All Inclusive' solution that leverages your existing internet connection

Secure Off-site Data
Having your data accessible from a remote-site protects and recovers your business operation more quickly in the event of equipment theft, virus, flood, fire, hardware failure or other disaster



Disaster Recovery Solutions

    * Microsoft Exchange backup recovery solution
    * Automated daily online backup solution
    * Off-site secure storage
    * Fast online backup file recovery service
    * Unlimited number of backup recovery services and restores
    * 24x7 access to encrypted data
    * Access from any location
    * Automatic file recovery selector
    * System and application online backup solutions
    * Active monitoring for continuity of service

"90% of businesses that lose data from an online disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the disaster."
Source: London Chamber of Commerce

Points to consider

    * When did you last try restoring your business critical data?
    * Are you confident that in the event of a disaster recovery that you can get you file data back?
    * If these questions make you feel uncomfortable then perhaps you should give us a call.

Want to know more?

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