When disruption occurs, we will manage the recovery of your systems, software, data, telecoms and provide you with an alternate workplace.

Data Recovery Services - Out of Office Hours

T: 0844 585 6060
F: 0844 585 6070
E: recover@onyx.net

Data Recovery Services

Business Continuity Out of Office Hours

  • Company experiences a disaster and are unable to go to their normal workplace
  • Company calls the DRS 24x7 call centre to invoke their Disaster Recovery Plan
  • DRS contact key staff (crisis team) to inform them of invocation and alternate workplace
  • All non-key staff are contacted with instructions for return to work
  • IT support team contacted. Virtual servers are initialised. Data recovery is started and email MX records re pointed to new server
  • Telecoms provider contacted, and all incoming numbers diverted to alternate workplace
  • Business Centre (BC) contacted. Security passes created, office suite prepared
  • Call centre contacts company to confirm successful invocation
  • Key staff arrives at BC, and log on to virtual server via 'thin clients'
  • Access available to new and existing email, critical data and voicemail. All incoming calls and faxes now received at BC
  • Business continues to operate. Supplier and customer expectations met