In short – A server in a box, ready to be shipped to your office or disaster site in the event of a disruption.

Server DR IT Disaster Recovery

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Data Recovery Server DR


Disaster Recovery Solutions Server DR is a unique solution for clients that experience a localised disaster in their comms/server room due to fire, flood, security or virus attack etc, or an intermittent fault which renders the existing equipment unfit for normal use.

Using ‘Tier 1’ (HP / Compaq) products, drs Server DR provides a complete suite of servers, firewalls and switches that following a disaster can be mobilised to either your offices or a workplace recovery centre – quickly and easily.

In conjunction with drs Data service your data can be restored to our servers on standby at our class A data centre. Your IT business operations can then be recovered in 2 ways

  • Access your email, data over the internet with the servers and data hosted at our data centre or

  • The unit can be deployed at your office or your workplace recovery centre with your data already installed.


How Does the Data Recovery Server Work?

  • Free pre-planning session will determine how many business critical servers would need to be made available following a disaster.
  • Server DR is invoked.
  • Your data is restored to the servers at our ‘class A’ data centre
  • Server DR is deployed either at your office or your workplace recovery centre with technical resource to ensure fast installation
  • Your IT infrastructure continues to operate allowing time to have equipment repaired or replaced offline.


What's in the box?

Transportable flight case containing –

Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • 5 x HP DL 380 servers
  • Redundant PSU and fans
  • Up to 300Gb raid storage*
  • 1 x Netscreen firewall
  • 1 x 48 port switch
  • 1 x UPS
  • 1 x wireless router

additional storage available on request


  • Unique turnkey solution
  • Response within 30 minutes, data restore within 3 hours of invocation
  • Can be deployed anywhere with power and internet
  • Technical resource included with deployment
  • Available for 30 days from date of invocation
  • Best of breed’ products ensure compatibility and resilience
  • Compliments existing drs Data, Voice and Space services.
  • 1 scheduled Test Data Restore at data centre each year*

*if subscribing to drs Data

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